Project Management

Telmek posses a unique skill set. Having more than 25 years of Government contracting expertise, we are more than capable of applying our collective knowledge, skills and abilites to get the job done. We can assist with bridging the gap between administration and the development teams working the project. We are capable of planning and executing your project. We are the point people, making certain the project moves accordingly, ensuring tasks are complete and those invlovled are working to their fullest potential.  All the while addressing any issues, delays or problems that may arise. Telmek succeeds at getting your job done. 

Courier and Logistics

Telmek provides Courier and Logistics, our team has extensive experience in the Courier and Logistics field. We are an ideal candidate for coordinating your transportation and delivery requirements. Our team is familiar with the NJ/NY/PA/DE region and are confident in our ability to provide timely, prompt and reliable services.